Are my family members able to take advantage of my DebtDoctor subscription?

Yes. Your spouse or partner, dependants up to the age of 21, as well as student dependants under the age of 25 will have access to the benefits that your DebtDoctor membership affords you.

Is there a limit to how often I can request financial assistance?

No. Our accommodating and professional financial consultants are available to assist you, telephonically, as often as you require help. Our legal advice benefit, however, is limited to an initial free 30-minute consultation with a legal professional. Should you require further legal counsel, you will receive one other free consultation with an experienced lawyer near you.

What is debt review and what are the implications of undergoing debt review?

Debt Review is a formal debt rehabilitation programme that is designed to assist people who are having extreme difficulty managing their finances and, as a result, are facing blacklisting. If you are under debt review, it means that legal action cannot be taken against you during the first 60 business days of the process with regards to your debts under review. In addition, undergoing debt review means that a debt counsellor will be appointed to you and will assist in the creation of a debt repayment plan. Once you have completed the debt review process and you no longer in debt, the fact that you were in debt counselling will be removed from your record.

What happens during formal debt review?

Debt review is a process during which a debt counsellor will:

  • Assess your outstanding debt.
  • Negotiate with creditors, on your behalf, to rearrange the terms of your payment.
  • Help you to formulate a manageable plan to repay what you owe.
  • Inform you of your rights.

How will DebtDoctor assist me in navigating through the debt review process?

Here's how DebtDoctor's experts will guide you through the process:

  • DebtDoctor will be able to give you clarity as to the severity of your debt.
  • Using the information you provide, such as your income and expenses, DebtDoctor will be able to determine whether undergoing debt review is necessary, or whether you will be able to settle your debt through a strict, monthly budget and repayment plan.
  • If a strict budget and repayment plan will not be enough to help you pay back the amount you owe, DebtDoctor will initiate the debt review process.
  • DebtDoctor will then inform your creditors that you are under formal debt review, and begin the negotiation process. Depending on your case, they may negotiate that you pay reduced monthly instalments, over an extended period.
  • Our professional consultants will register you with the National Credit Regulators to ensure that you are protected and you are aware of your consumer rights throughout the process.
  • If necessary, DebtDoctor will also ensure that you remain on the right side of the law by ensuring that any agreement that your creditors agree to is approved in court.

I am nervous about disclosing my personal and financial information to DebtDoctor. Does the service guarantee confidentiality?

You can rest assured that your personal and financial information is safe with us. DebtDoctor's strict security measures ensure that your data is stored on password-protected servers, further shielded from prying eyes by a firewall. We will only disclose your information to a third party with your consent, or if it is necessary to enable us to carry out our service to you. For more information about our extensive security measures, see our Privacy Policy.

How will DebtDoctor's legal experts assist me in pursuing a financially independent life?

Our legal experts have the knowledge, skill and qualifications to assist you on the road to financial health. With a minimum of five years practical experience, DebtDoctor's lawyers have the know-how to guide you through any financial issues that require legal action.

DebtDoctor's legal benefit will:

  • Set you on the road to financial wellbeing with an initial, free, 30-minute consultation for financial or debt-related matters.
  • Allow you to benefit further from our wealth of legal knowledge, with an option of another free direct consultation, and continued support.
  • Equip you with the tools you need to ensure that your debt-free future becomes a reality, such as legal documents, including but not limited to, purchase and sale agreements and lease agreements.
  • Assist you throughout the application process, and all the procedures that will follow.

English is not my first language. Is legal assistance provided any other languages?

DebtDoctor's legal assistance is provided in most of the prominent South African languages. To discover if DebtDoctor's legal assistance is offered in your home tongue, contact us on 0801 118 827.